Friday, 20 April 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Review

I have straightened my hair since i was 14 so obviously its done a lot of damage to my hair. But i didn't face too much trouble until recently, last couple of years ive started to get loads of split ends, my hair started feeling very dry and rough and i got a lot of hair fall. So in search for the perfect treatment for my dry hair i ordered Ojon Damage Reverse. They claim that after using this you see "Improvement in the condition of dry, damaged hair after just 1 treatment. This clinically proven cult classic is fortified with pure Ojon™ oil, nature's powerful golden elixir, a rare powerful natural ingredient that's rich in essential lipids similar to those found in healthy hair. After just one treatment, this rich, velvety balm dramatically helps restore vibrant health, strength and shine to even the most damaged hair. Hair is soft, silky and manageable. A must-have for lifeless, dull, brittle, frizzy, flyaway or unmanageable hair."
I ordered it from their website when they had an offer and were giving away full size volume advance shampoo and conditioner with any purchase.
At first glance it looked rock solid, i touched it to check if i could scoop some out but it was solid. I then took a spatula and scooped half a teaspoon out and rubbed my hands until it became oil like and then applied it to my hair and i did this till i felt my hair was covered in oil. They advise you to leave it on for 20 minutes but i applied it at around 1pm and washed my hair at around 8pm. You could also leave it on as an intensive overnight treatment but i hate having oily hair when i sleep so ive not tried that yet.
So is this 100 ml jar for £32.50 worth it? Definitely. Its moisturized my hair, left them soft and manageable. Having damaged my hair so much by coloring them and straightening i think my hair  deserves this treatment and i will definitely buy it again. You can buy yours from and you have the option of buying 50ml jar for £16 and 100ml for £32.50.

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